Seven Straight Nights Comes To Grand Junction!

Hi Friends!

It’s official!  Grand Junction will join the dozens of cities across the country during the week of September 14th to stand up for equal rights.  While I am incredibly excited to bring this important Action to our town, I am also waiting on some major particulars in order to move forward.  No, we do not have a meeting place at which to congregate before walking down Main Street, but I am hoping the Unitarian Universalist Church will come through for us.  Until I have that settled, I am unable to give you a solid time or route of our walk, but allow me to give you a basic idea:

Meet (at the Unitarian Universalist Church … keep your fingers crossed!)
Make Luminaries to carry
Walk (from Unitarian Universalist Church down Grand to 7th to Main to County Courthouse then back up White to City Hall)

Please leave a comment if you are interested in participating or know of an untapped resource I am (most-assuredly) missing.  Or drop me an email at GetOutTheMap @ live dot com.  I look forward to meeting each and every one of you … and calling you friend!

Be Well,


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