In The Papers!

I’m not falling asleep at the wheel, I promise!  I’ve just been insanely busy trying to get ads published in the papers on the Western Slope.  So … hopefully the Grand Junction Free Press, the Post-Independent, the Valley Journal, and the Citizen Telegram will have our little event advertised in the classifides!  Look for it!

I hope to get in touch with a reporter over there to get some coverage of the evening of the 17th.  I’m also scouting out radio programs who might get us on the air to plug Stand Up Straight, Grand Junction!  If you know of anyone, please let me know!

Postcard Flier

The “postcard flier” link should pull up a scan of the front and back side of the little postcards I left at the Gay-Straight Alliance meeting on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend as I had back-to-school-night responsibilitiesfor my kiddos, but I am hopeful that I will have a chance to connect with them again in the next week!


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